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About Me

I've always liked the idea of a Gospel Chariot. It sounds cool. Philip was riding in a chariot when he converted the Ethiopian eunuch. The Spirit told Philip, "Go over and join this chariot." In 1982, I bought a 1967 Ford Mustang for $1,800. It was my first car, and I paid for it with money I earned preaching at the New Herman Chruch of Christ and working at the "Stop-and-Rob" in Nashville, (That's what I called the convenience store/gas station where I worked weeknights and Saturdays) Somehow in those Lipscomb days, it was named the Gospel Chariot. Honestly, I don't remember where the name came from. It could have been me, or Richard Stephenson, or Steve McLeod; although, I do remember Bro. Leo Snow laughing about it. Every Sunday, I would journey off in that old 67 Mustang. It was a green color I never really learned to like. It had a really cool polished aluminum interior with black seats and carpet. I replaced it with a Ford Escort because it didn't have an air conditioner. I never could bring myself to get rid of it. It just seemed part of me. It has sat in carports and barns. It was the first car I ever bought and still my favorite.

Thanks to Bobby Hunter, Ricky Moore (car builder extraordinaire), Tracy Ellis, Jimmy Russell, Ryan Tejeda, Kent Mears, Mr. Mike's Interiors and a host of others, the Gospel Chariot rides again. Driving it again makes my heart sing. It now has air-conditioning and a few other "modern" perks. But, deep down inside, it's the same old Gospel Chariot. It's painted a different color and has a nicer interior. It's the first car I used to spread the Gospel, and I hope it is the last one I use for the same purpose. It's kind of cool for a 63 model preacher to drive a 67 model Mustang. I wonder if I'm driving it when Jesus comes if it'll get to make the trip to Heaven. It would look good on the streets of gold.

God's word captivates me. Scripture originated from the divine breath, the Spirit of God. "Of all the things that God could have written, why did He write this?" I never grow tired of asking that question. The passion to understand God's Word is as indispensable to me as breathing. That is the passion which inspired this website. This website is dedicated to understanding scripture, asking hard questions, and exploring God's mysteries. Scripture has a purpose. I don't seek to understand for the sake of knowledge. I want to understand to become godly, to reflect God's nature; to be like Jesus, His Son; to walk in step with His Spirit. I have dedicated most of my life to studying the text. My first Greek and Hebrew classes were a stepping stone to a degree. I didn't take them as seriously as I should have. Since that time, the study of Biblical languages has become a passion. They help me understand. They open avenues of learning. They help me explore Scripture. It is a quest, an eternal adventure. I will never understand completely. Each question raises a new question. Each conclusion challenges a previous one. One day I will know completely. Today I know in part. Join me on my adventure.  This website will contain blogs, thoughts, sermons, Bible classes, etc.  Visit often.  My prayer is that you learn how to reflect the perfect nature of God. The author of Hebrews writes, "The Son is the radiance of God's glory and the exact representation of His being."

Imitate Christ.

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