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Welcome to our new Wednesday-night Bible Study!!

A place where families learn to grow together in Christ.


Sometimes it’s hard for families to find time to spend in God’s word. These studies are designed to equip a family to have a fun, interactive Bible study. Everything you need will be provided. Make sure you keep your eye on the mailbox because some weeks you will receive something to help you complete your study.

For your entertainment, you will find church members in each of the videos. Make sure you compliment them on their incredible acting skills! See who you think deserves an academy award!


Each study follows the same schedule:




Discussion Questions



Our hope and prayer is that these family devotions will help you grow closer to Jesus and to each other. We pray they will become a treasured part of the fabric of your family and something you look forward to each week!


June 11

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Lost Things

June 18

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Hidden Treasure

June 25

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